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Entry #2

I'm making an RPG!

2016-11-13 09:41:51 by davithetankman

Hello, My name is David Stinson and am just now getting into voice acting. Among that project I am also writing and designing a table top RPG. Artwork is being uploaded every Tuesday. So if that's you're kind of thing give it a look. Don't be afraid to post any questions, we are more than happy to answer them. - The Cover Artist - The Bestiary Artist



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2016-11-13 11:23:10

It looks good!!!!11

davithetankman responds:

Thanks dude.


2016-11-13 13:22:59

It looks like the Wizard of Oz with the scarecrow except the lion became a cat, Dorothy genderbended and became a male knight, and the witch resurrected and said "screw it imma join yall" and kicked the tin man out of the game tbh.

davithetankman responds:

Haha, sounds like I should commission some flying monkeys to be put in the background.